Win a New Baseball Glove and Gift Card!

It’s been brought to my attention that we really haven’t done anything to motivate comments on the new We also haven’t given anything away in a cheap ploy for page views, either.

Problem solved.

Yesterday a manager around my office asked me to do him a favor: pick up Daytona 500 winner and NASCAR Sprint Cup racer Kevin Harvick from the airport and take him to a car dealer to sign crap for a couple of hours and make sure he’s taken care of.


That’s me and him up in the pic above. Hell of a guy. Was over friendly with everyone he encountered. Didn’t turn down a single request. Pleasure to hang with for a couple of hours. He probably got 25K for the whole deal… but whatever. Good experience for “a favor”. Even responded back with a Tweet after I put this up on Twitter.

Anyway, it got me to thinking- who have you had your pic with that’s famous? Post it on the CD in the comments to this post and you can win. Big. Click on the jump to find out what and see more pics featuring athooks and celebrities. Seriously.

Here’s the deal: I have a brand new Wilson A800 Premium Series ball glove and a 25 dollar gift certificate to 54th Street Bar & Grill to whoever can produce the most interesting celebrity pic.

Here’s how it works:

1) Post your pic, or a link to your pic in the comment section below.

2) I’ll pick 3 entries on December 26th @ 8p that we can all vote on and give an awesome prize to.

3) We’ll let the voting go for a 24 hrs so you can tell your friends and family to vote and then I’ll ship the glove and gift card out to the winner.

So if you know someone with a great celeb pic, put it up and let us see. Just embed it in the comments. Links to Picasa, Flickr and other photo services will work too. And if push comes to shove, just e-mail me the damn thing and I’ll throw it up myself. (Directions on everything in my first comment on this post)

So there you have it: get a glove and a gift card by submitting a photo to the comments section and win a prize if your peers like it.

Now here’s mine for what it’s worth…



No captions or explinations about how you got the pic are needed. If I don’t know who somebody is, I’ll figure it out. Now go! I want to see if this was a bad idea or a terible one.


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