2010 Cardinals Blogger Awards: CD Comes In Last

When I think about November, I think about AWARDS. I mean, just hours ago, Joey Votto was crying over his MVP award and was man enough to admit it. (Side: you have to love Canada.)

I especially enjoy the vaunted ‘Cardinal Blogger Awards’ presented by the United Cardinal Bloggers (UCB). The envelope please…

I mean, Trumbsy hasn’t been bringing the heat, I agree… but what about the rest of us? We’re working our asses off here.

Actually, that’s not true. We’re barely working at all. Maybe we’re not ‘best’… but how about funny? Are we funny?2010_Cardinal_Blogger_Award_Winners__United_Cardinal_Bloggers-1
DAMN YOU SEBEK. You and that hair. Gets the voters every effing time.

I love a couple things about this graph. First off, the passive aggressive shot at this category in general, claiming that humor isn’t an ‘overriding theme for most blogs’. In other words, JSF and us are pretty much hacks.

Also, the abstentions are killing me.

Really? Not one thing we posted in a year was even slightly amusing? The MS Paints? Anything?

This aggression will not stand. Who the hell is voting for these things?

I’m calling out the three people I think abstained from the humor vote. Why these three? Because we’re going to smoke these fencepost riders out one at a time and get them to vote for the CD. If they did cast a vote, they will come forward and then we’ll know it wasn’t them. If they stay silent… well, then we have our winners.

Winners of a broken digit or two until they put something on that ballot. Then we will have won this award 7-6 over Joe Sports Fan.

And Bill- Bill sure as hell better have voted for this site. If he didn’t…

Well, they’re will be problems. BIG problems.

In all seriousness, It was nice to even get somebody to come to this site more than once. So thanks for including us.


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