Albert NewsWatch – Day Two

After lighting the internet on fire with our “Albert Week” kickoff and man-love letter yesterday, surely there had to be some reports of John Mozeliak putting the finishing touches on his PowerPoint presentation, or maybe even a small protest outside of Busch Stadium.

Let’s see how we did:

WHAT?! Who’s in charge over there at Google?? I think that means we just got served.

Actually, we knew our little campaign wouldn’t be talked about much right away. It is, after all Albert Week, not Albert Day, so let’s see how it looks come Friday afternoon (if you’re wondering, I’ve yet to come up with an excuse for next Monday, when we’re still at zero Google results.)

But there were a couple interesting articles about Albert posted within the last couple days:

This one from the Wall St Journal is written by former Baseball Commish Fay Vincent, about the possibility of Pujols (or any other marquee free agent in sports) asking for a piece of team ownership as part of their contract. [This looks like a subscriber piece. Go through Google News, I was able to read the whole thing.]

-And here’s an article in the USA Today, penned by someone also named Albert Pujols. Wait, he’s writing for the USA Today? Not only is he slightly better than me in baseball, but he’s taking our blogging jobs now? Bastard! (I don’t mean that, he’s welcome to write for the CD any time he wants, preferably about Sofia Vergara)