Albert Week Kicks Off

albertweekWelcome to Albert Week!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and done with, it’s time for the Cardinals to get going on this Pujols contract. We all think that Albert wants to play here. And we all think that DeWitt and Co want to field a winning ballclub for another five to ten years.

So what’s holding up the negotiations? We know the scrap-yard “Duncan special” signing won’t come until February. Same goes for the light-hitting infielder who can play 2B/SS/3B (and OF on Sundays, and pitch). Do you really expect much to happen over the next two months? (Say it with me: please no Rasmus trade, please no Rasmus trade…)

As one of the most honest and upfront Cardinal blogs, we feel it’s necessary to harp on the Cardinals about this, because we all know that if Albert isn’t signed, not much else is going to happen. I don’t think anyone is expecting Cliff Lee, but upgrades can easily be made on the 2011 Cardinals right now.

We’re not looking to get you worried, but if no one else is going to call out the Cardinals for hurrying the hell up, we feel that “Albert Week” is necessary to let our voices be heard.

Oh, and you might have read that we’re the second most funniest Cardinal blog throughout ALLLL the internet. So we’ll try to make our two voters happy and take a humorous approach. To kick off our week-long parade of Albert, here is an exclusive bar graph of how awesome Albert’s been over the past ten seasons. We stole this from Dan Lozano’s negotiating binder (care to offer us a job, Wikileaks?). I think this is the kind of stuff they have on fangraphs.com, but I’m not sure.

We’ve got more coming all week. Stay tuned!