Albert’s Song

We’ve had a fun week here at the CD, talking all things Albert.  It basically stemmed off the idea of photoshopping his head onto a shark, and we decided to actually work hard for once, giving you ten posts this week (one more coming later). Hopefully we entertained you a little already, and I think you’ll be pleased with our effort today.

When it’s all said and done, I think Albert re-signs with the Cardinals. Late January/early February, right before spring training, sounds about right.  In the meantime, we’ll reflect on all the memories, love letters and photoshops, and hope 2011 isn’t the final season that Albert is a Cardinal. As fans, we can only play the waiting game.

That includes our own athooks. He sat down the other night, tickled the ivories and recorded this masterpiece for us all (I’m sure his neighbors were intrigued by what the hell was going on).

Ladies and Gents, we give you “Albert’s Song”:

Since we blatantly ganked material from The Hangover, we’d like to thank them in advance for not suing us. Can’t wait for the sequel!