Biggest Cardinals Turkey: 2010


Happy to everyone.

It’s a holiday tradition to mail it in around the holidays and Cards Diaspora is not above boosting hack ideas that have been around forever in a cheap grab at page views. Therefore, here we have a look back the worst of the 2010 Cardinals and aim to determine who exactly was the biggest turkey for the franchise.

Your nominees…

1) Bradly Penny

Hit a grand slam, then shut ‘er down for the season.

Took 8+ million dollars he got for sitting on a wood plank and bought a 95K engagement ring.

Took the picture above.

2) Kyle Lohse

Somehow got a medical condition that is only known to happen to dirt bike riders.

Had an ERA after the 5th inning that was (probably) incalculable by anyone not working at NASA.

Prompted Brian Feldman of ESPN 101 to video blog the heat. Sort of.

3) David Freese
Almost breaking his ankle rounding third base and getting DL’d.

Almost coming back off the DL, but dropped a weight on his foot instead.

Posing for this cover and making your woman love him.

4) Brendan Ryan

Finally securing the starting SS role and then promptly hitting .223.

Adding more stress to Johnny Mo’s job.

Putting on video a terrible Robert DeNiro impression.

5) Flip Lopez

Flip came to the Cards cheap beacuse everyone else was sick of his attitude.

He was repeatedly late and generally canercous to the clubhouse.

He was cut.

That’s it.

That’s the list.

Who’d we miss? Some have suggested that Aaron Miles should be added. Or that Nick Stavinoah looks like a turkey. But I’m not ready to elevate them to vaunted ‘Turkey Of The Year’ status quite yet.

For more turkey related reading, check out this column from InsideSTL from WAY back in the day. And a special thanks to @jadotson for reminding us of Flip’s absense.


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