Brad Penny’s Girlfriend is HOT!

You might have thought since Dick Ankiel was moving across the state and Mark DeRosa (presumably) took his wife with him to San Francisco that us Cardinal fans wouldn’t have much eye candy to nosh on in 2010.

Brad Penny has us covered boys.

Wait, Brad Penny? The Pitcher?

I did a double take too, friends. But it’s true. And lucky for us he decided to take his babe to Turks & Caicos last week and have her play catch.


On the beach.

In a bikini.

So go ahead and slave away in your 3′ x 3′ foot cubicle. Brad Penny will be having a soft toss on the sun drenched beaches of T & C before heading to his real job… playing baseball. (HT:

For all of you fans of Dancing With the Stars, she apparently is a dancer on that show. Or something.

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