Cardinal Crapmas Day 4: Losing Your Marbles

There comes a time in every fans life where they need to take a step back, look at the man in the mirror and consider just what the hell they’re doing with their lives.

When you’re collecting sports-themed marbles?

Yes. That would be an applicable circumstance. When you start actively bidding on said marbles? Perhaps skipping ahead to the “therapy” would be more appropriate.

Let’s go to the eBay:

Thank heavens for expedited shipping!

But what does this gem look like?

Even the pictures of the marble are tiny. How devilishly cute.

I suppose for the outlay of cash, this particular item of Cardinals Crapmas isn’t as drastic as say the slippers from Day 1 (link below), but still. You’re ordering Cardinals emblazoned marbles off the internet?

Daniel Tosh is in your not so distant future, my friend.

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