CD Give-A-Way: Coveroos!

Cards Diaspora is absolutely shameless.

We think we have standards, but in reality we don’t. Not really at all. So when companies ask us to promote their products in return for some free samples and some more to give away, we usually say yes.

But this time the product is actually worth a shit! Go us!

You have a cell phone right? Of course you do. You’re not a neanderthal. Chances are you’ve probably even got a nice one like an iPhone or BlackBerry or Andriod. You also probably like keeping that sucker safe and sound. Then you went to buy it a case and said what everybody says: ‘Are you fucking kidding me? How much?’.

You probably also like sports if you’re reading this blog. Maybe you’re even a fan of the Cardinals. Hell, you probably got other teams you root for too.

So our friends over at Coveroo decided – hey, if we make reasonably priced cell phone cases and put officially licenced logos on them and made them look all cool and shit- we’ could make money.

Good idea.

Check out Coveroo LINK HERE

And now we’re going to give you the opportunity to win 2 of these cases. One for you and one for whoever the hell else you want. Mom, dad, wife, husband, concubine- whoever. You get to pick the case and the teams and Coveroo will send them right to your door.

Unless you still have a Razr. Then you can go right to hell.

All you have to do is guess the final score of the Cards/Houston game Wed night. That’s it. That’s the contest. Post your guess in the comments below before 7:15 on Wed night and if you’re right or closest to being right, you win.

And if you don’t happen to win? Buy one. Don’t be cheap.


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