CD Year In Review: Reds Embarrass Embarrassing Division

With apologies to Mike Vick, the NL Central was a REAL dog fight in 2010.


It was two dog teams fighting to top a very mediocre division. But Hookshot, just how mediocre was it? So mediocre that the Reds got no hit in Game 1 of the NLDS… and that was their BEST game of the series.

Seriously. The other two were such massive blowouts that at least game one could have been a respectable glance at a morning box score, you know, if it wasn’t the second no no in post-season history.

Details, details.

And in an inspired bit of picture prose, HMW decided to give the Reds absolutly no sympathy:

You can read the whole story here: LINK HERE

At the end of the day the Reds got swept, the Cardinals got left out and the Comedy Central was alive and kicking once again…


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