Chicago Cubs Featured On “Undercover Boss”: A Dissection

CBS has a show called “Undercover Boss” where CEO’s and other corporate big shots of companies go and do the grunt work for several days and then learn to love their gilded life a big more (?).

Let’s be honest- it’s pretty much an hour-long infomercial on national TV.

But when Undercover Boss visited the Chicago Cubs this summer… we knew they were going to heap a healthy helping of FAIL on us.

They didn’t disappoint.

Some highlights from last night’s premiere where part-owner Todd Ricketts was the ‘undercover boss’:

+ Wrigley Field bathrooms are cleaned with a fire hose and, apparently, purple drank:

+ At first glance the ‘crew clubhouse’ appears to be a tremendous hellhole. But then you notice the Nomar Garciaparra jeresy tee hanging out and realize that we literally might be seeing hell.


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+  Those are hot dogs in the trash. The owner of the Cubs threw them away, paid for them to make his sales look better, then lied to the vendor mentor when he got busted. Even on camera interview later in the show, he still rationalized this decision. This is the OWNER of the Cubs. I’m thinking another 100 years is going to fly by.


+ Here we have a grounds crew member. Bless his chubby little face. Because he’s eating lunch with the guy that owns the Cubs with his 2 brothers and sister and he’s telling him how he’s been interviewing elsewhere and that he should be in the front office, not raking dirt.


+ Hot Dog Guy Rocco has hit the owners soft spot, it looks like. And the rest of the employees seem to be enjoying this man on man love a bit to enthusiastically.


Cardinals fans, this rare glimpse into the world of the Cubs has taught us one thing.

We don’t have anything to worry about for a long, long time.

If you want to watch the whole episode, you can do so: LINK HERE


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