Clean Yourself Up, It’s the Sixth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

I’m very much a man when it comes to things like plates, napkins, and tablecloths.  I’m much more interested in scarfing down the food in front of me, as opposed to the decor around me.

So anything other than plain white napkins are unnecessary.  No fancy designs. No cats jumping around. And no colors (Racist? We’re still talking about napkins, asshat). It just needs to be there when I slop barbecue sauce or gravy all over my face. That’s the job of a napkin, nothing else.

I don’t think it takes a degree from the Vince Lombardi School of Manhood to feel this way (Uh, yeah that should be a real school. “Ya got cancer? Walk it off, meathead”). But women take ‘napkin design’ into consideration way more than a guy would. And this is a man site. Burp. Fart. Balls.

Okay, I shouldn’t be so racist or sexist, at least on a Saturday. Here’s today’s Cardinal Crapmas item, a pack of 36 Cardinals napkins:

Think of all the playoff parties June games against the Pirates that you could bust these out and impress your friends.

They even sell mini Aaron Miles napkin jerseys, featuring real grit and determination!

And now you may proceed with “Aaron Miles napkins also belong in the trash” comments…

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