Does How I Met Your Mother Hate The Cubs?

So How “I Met Your Mother” is a pretty good show, right?

It’s basically about a group 5 buddies in their early 30’s who drink alot. It’s got the chick from American Pie (This one time in band camp…) and Doogie Howser and the dude from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (who, by the way, IS the Waterboy. If you’ve ever read about him on this blog and wondered what he is- he’s Marshall. He’s even a lawyer.)

Yes, it’s a half hour sitcom on CBS. Yes it’s super un-cool to like half hour sitcoms with laugh tracks. But I swear that HIMYM is funny. Sometimes it’s even damn funny. And SOMETIMES it’s cool as SHIT!

Like this past Monday’s episode…


The main character, Ted, is struggling with his relationship ‘baggage’. He’s been dumped at the alter. He’s kind of dating this new girl. But he’s worried about her baggage, even though he doesn’t know what it is.

Turns out that the thing that scares Ted the most is hoping someone else will accept his baggage. And throughout the episode people’s baggage is displayed on, well, baggage.

That’s Ted and the new chick leaving all the other fuckers behind with their baggage. And LOOKY what daddy found.

Ha. Cubs fan. Good luck with that. SUCKER! God Bless the writer that threw that little Easter egg in this episode for us.

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Damn, it was a busy week. Scroll down for all sorts of crap you might have missed. No promises that we won’t be back and better than ever next week.



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