ESPN & The NFL Suck, But I’ll Put Up With It

I love the fact that the MLB Draft is not only right in the middle of the season, it happens while games are going on. The NFL is too cocky to try that (besides the fact that it doesn’t make sense)

If you haven’t been able to tell, a good chunk of my life revolves around baseball. Like a jealous 16 year old, I always hate when baseball gets overshadowed by football – whether it be draft weekend like this, or September/October playoff drama. Even worse is when there’s always a couple bullshit useless stories that come out during the start of training camp, ie. Favre, T.O., Pacman Jones, Chris Henry – oops, too soon?, and it clogs up the first three or four stories of Pardon the Interruption for about a week straight.

But unfortunately, I’ll be part of the problem later tonight. It’s just so damn compelling/addicting (I’m not sure if those are the right words, but I usually watch way more of the NFL draft than I’d like to admit…so addicting definitely fits). I really don’t care what moves Jacksonville is making during the other 364 days of the year, so why care tonight?

I guess it’s pretty much “Breaking News” non-stop for 6 hours straight. And that’s just round one.

You all know the root of this evil: ESPN. As much as I’d love to live my life without ESPN, it’s a million percent impossible if you’re a sports fan. I’m truly amazed at how much they’ve sold the NFL to the entire country over the past 5-10 years. Playing up the “Any Given Sunday” cliches, acting like lighting up the Rams D is on par with diffusing a nuclear bomb (both explode pretty easily, actually). So of course, everyone buys into it because it’s ESPN telling them. I’m talking about the same people who enjoy seeing Jay Leno come back to the Tonight Show. Hopefully you don’t fall into either one of those categories.

Random thought – could you imagine if baseball had a 16 game season? How sick would that be? Every game would be ace vs. ace. The Pirates would still suck, but we’re used to that by now.

bradfordSo sitting on my couch, watching Mel Kiper and eating brats tonight doesn’t mean I’m completely neglecting baseball. At least the Cardinals have the day off, so all St. Louis homer focus can be put towards being the first one to hit up for a Sam Bradford jersey (side note: what number do you think he’ll wear? According to the Rams website, which I’m 99% sure gets less hits than Cards Diaspora and I sort of didn’t realize existed [only half joking] – we have a fuckload of WRs in the 10’s. Remember when only cool, trendy and good wideouts wore 11 or 18? Seriously, look at that. It’s gotta be a record. I think the team will deem it too soon to hand over Bulger’s #12. I’m not a big fan of him wearing 10 or 15, so I think S-Brad will rock something like #7 or 8. And just to get this out in the open before everyone else – he needs a cool nickname. The first one to say ‘Slammin’ Sammy’ will get a ball punch from me. Nothing we come up with will be as good as ‘Kong Suh, but the Rams have never been one to worry about taking the best player available.)