Exploiting Hot Women For Your Website: Emmanuelle Chriqui Edition

We’ve had a big week haven’t we, little guys and girls?

“You people” spent a lot of time and effort – but mostly money – at the Cardinals’ Winter Warm-Up this past weekend.  There is still a Mark McGwire hangover in the air (might just be fog, but i can’t tell).  And to cap it off, Hooks got you all riled up about Albert Pu-jolz leaving town in two years.  It could happen, yes.  You could worry about it now, yes.  But you don’t have to just yet.  I’m always chock full of ideas to put your mind at ease.  Like…

Jessica. Emmanuelle.

Biel. Chriqui.





In a stunning turn of blogospherical events, I’m ready to pass the torch from Jessica Biel to Emmanuelle Chriqui as the ultimate site-counter igniter.

Back story: during the days of my former home, BertFlex, we piddled and paddled around with our marginally humorous posts about the Cardinals, sports, bacon, and once in a while: hot women.  We were even granted an interview with this athooks guy you see all the time on Cards Diaspora (totally forgot about that group photo we took at the top of the article).

So during the five-week period where we were closing down the shop, I posted a quick little analysis on one of those “Hottest Women” lists, and included a few pics of Jessica Biel’s lovely backside.  They were 100% stolen from elsewhere on the internet, yet we got a shitload of hits via Google from pervs and 11 year old boys (judging by my own experience – not mutually exclusive).  In fact, all of our biggest months have come after we quit writing on the site.  It was very fitting for our blogging legacy. As a note to our three fans: one day I’ll get around to penning the BertFlex Chronicles of Failure Book with more little quips like this.

But in the meantime, here’s the 2010 version of that list, via  And more of #1 Emmanuelle Chriqui’s ass (though I found out through my extensive research that there is a severe lack of ass pics; you need to work on that, internet).  She’s even throwing out a first pitch in the last one, which means we’re still classified as a baseball site.  Good for us.