Forcing Brendan Ryan on Twitter

ryanMost of you aren’t on Twitter.

Honestly, I don’t blame you. It’s a bunch of self-loathing miscreants and minor celebrities yapping about anything that pops into our collective conscience.  A beautiful disaster to those involved; a disaster to anyone else.

In this infinite babble, sometimes issues or topics gain the collective force of many Twitter-ers and some action is taken.

For instance:

One of my Twitter friends (who happens to be gathering some stuff for the CD during her trip to Jupiter she’s currently on) is a huge fan of Twitter. She’s also a bigger fan of Brendan Ryan. So the next logical thing to do is to publically force Brendan Ryan to start using the service.

Quite frankly, most athletes don’t need to be on Twitter. They don’t either A) have thoughts that don’t involve scoring (5 hole or otherwise) B) have thoughts at all. So it’s no fun. But Brendan Ryan? He’s a HAM! I bet he was in his high school plays… just because.

I’m pretty sure that if Brendan Ryan gets on Twitter, he’d enjoy it.

I’m certain if Brendan Ryan gets on Twitter, he’ll get suspended for something he says on it.

So SIGN THE PETITION HERE to get Brendan Ryan on Twitter. If for nothing else, do it for @erika4stlcards. She’s very serious about this. And you’ll be getting to know her better soon on this site anyway.

Also- before it get’s too late in the Spring and we shift to the regular season, The Dragon has sent over this interesting NPR piece on Spring Training in MLB. It’s worth the 6 minutes to listen or read and you can find it here: LINK HERE


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