From the Archives: Pujols Meets Hooks

We had a request the other day for the article about Hooks and Pujols hanging out at a fancy get-together a couple years ago. There were multiple comments from the ladies saying how nice Hooks looks, so please be sure to boost his ego once again. Come on girls, don’t be shy…

pujolsandhooksYes. That’s athooks with the NL MVP last week, Albert Pujols. He happened to be at an event I was at (or vice versa) and the lady on my left [HMW note: we had to use a different pic this time] had no idea who he was until I told her it was Albert Pujols. She’s about 8 glasses of wine in and I’m right behind her with the Maker’s and water. I plead with her not to go over and interrupt AP paying for some auction item he’d won, but to no avail. She shoved Pujols’ wife right out of the way and handed her camera to some unsuspecting chick with a huge purse. If he’s already going to be annoyed- I might as well hop in, right?

Long story short, the chick who was taking our picture almost fell down stepping backwards to get us framed up. And what did she trip on? That’s right, a tampon applicator. Hanging out on the floor in all its used glory. Luckily El Hombre found the whole scene amusing- as did we and he happily snapped a couple more pics after this one.

I gripped his hand as hard as I could and am pleased to report his nerve surgery went well. Also, I look fucking good in a suit. You have to admit that.

Special BONUS!

Here’s an ‘artist’s rendering’ of what this pic would look like in 2010: