Who Knew Mark McGwire Had Something To Hide?

In case you’re under a rock (and/or don’t follow 50 something people who tweet about the Cardinals on Twitter), Mac Wire admitted to steroid use earlier today.  Catch the interview tonight at 6pm on MLB Network.  I’m sure they’ll replay it later at night, since MLBN’s programming – while I enjoy it – is always broadcasted at least 4 or 5 times a day.

And if you still don’t have MLB Network from your cable/satellite provider, click here to put it all in perspective.

So with this “shocking” steroid admission and heartfelt…okay “heartfelt” interview with Robert Bob Costas out of the way, along with Matt Holliday being signed – are we ready to start the 2010 season?  I think so.

Sure, the random cheap ass free agent bench bat or fifth starter needs to be signed, but as far as impact moves and news goes, I think we’re dunzo until April.

So what do we talk about now?  Ben Sheets?  Ballpark Village?  Really gay patriotic baseball cards?

Fourth Day of Crapmas

I decided to give eBay a break for one day and look to the clearance section of for some crappy Cardinal gift inspiration.

And I think radio broadcasts of old Cardinal games qualify as the crappiest of the crappy – especially when you see what instant classics they chose to sell.

Now, I can’t even tell if that’s a CD case, cassette tape, or if Jay Randolph Sr. jumps out of the box (okay, flops out…), grabs his microphone, and pretends some Whiteyball is being played for three hours in your kitchen.

Before you jump down my throat saying how cool it is to listen to games on the radio, as opposed to 40 and 50 inch high def TV screens these days, let me give you the lineup and descriptions (plus the price) for all four of these clearance items:

09/20/1985 – Montreal Expos @ St. Louis Cardinals: Schatzeder homers for own cause, but St. Claire can’t hold a 3-3 tie. Cards win 5-3. ($5.97)
05/08/1998 – St. Louis Cardinals @ New York Mets: McGwire 2-run HR in 3rd his 400th, but Brian McRae hits 3-run shot in 4th, Mets win 9-2. ($5.97)
04/15/1989 – New York Mets @ St. Louis Cardinals: Guerrero’s RBI single in 10th gives Cards 3-2 walk-off win. ($5.97)
09/30/1990 – Pittsburgh Pirates @ St. Louis Cardinals: Drabek 3-hit CG for 22nd win, Pirates win 2-0, clinch NL East. ($7.97…wait, huh?)

I won’t dismiss an opportunity to pass on listening to Jack Buck’s voice very often, but I’d recommend spending your six bucks covering your head with a pillowcase and rubber band if you want to fall asleep for three hours.

[The real song goes “Four Calling Birds,” so this post was very fitting in an unintentional way. Get it: four games, calling Birds…as in “calling the Birds on the radio”. Ha ha, that is some super stuff. I feel like Jim Nantz. Yeah, I’m gay.]