Losers Lose. The Cardinals are Losers.


Really 2 and 5? Against the two worst teams in the NL? During the easiest stretch of the season? With the season in the balance?

2 and fucking 5. Unreal.

This St. Louis Cardinals team is beyond contempt… but let’s try.

Saturday night in Washington, Nationals resident shit disturber, Nyjer Morgan, only playing while a suspension for throwing a ball at a fan in the stands is being appealed, scored. But instead of just crossing the plate in a blowout, he decided to give Cardinals backup catcher Bryan Anderson a shot to the back, miss the plate, then have to come back and touch to score.

Everyone saw it. As far as anyone can tell, it was completely unprovoked. And you know what Anderson’s teammates did?


Let me ask you something. Your boy or your girl gets shoved in a bar for no reason. What do you do? At the very least you do some yelling and posturing. But if you’re really close, then you’re probably throwing down. The fact that the Cardinals could sit there and let their teammate get totally punked by Morgan without so much as batting an eye- well, it tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about this group of guys.


We’re rooting for a team that would rather play out the rest of the season, do as little as they can to get paid and if somebody gets embarrassed in the process… shit happens, right? That whole ‘play like a Cardinal’ thing the marketing team came up with a couple of seasons ago needs to be retired. I wouldn’t want children getting the wrong idea about what that means.

If it sounds like I’m pissed- it’s because I am. I’ve spent March through yesterday rooting for a team that doesn’t care. They don’t care about me. They don’t care about the playoffs. They don’t care about each other.

They just don’t care.

And really, isn’t the only requirement of being a Cardinal the want to win? I thought so. I believed that’s why we liked this franchise. They might not always have the most talent or the biggest names- but damn it- they were going to bust their ass out there for us. Didn’t matter if you made 200K or 100M- wearing the Birds on the Bat was an agreement with us that we were going to be supportive and they were going to try. The results were what they were.

But again, we flash back to that play. That shove. That lack of guile that is just galling to see. A complete breech of contract.

The good news is that Labor Day weekend is coming right up and we’ll all have the chance to apologize to Brandon Phillips in person. Let’s make sure he at least knows we’re big enough to admit when we were wrong.

And if I may- a song dedication… to the 2010 STL CARDS! (NSFW)


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