Mark McGwire’s Return Leads To Full House

We’re not here to judge you.

You thought Mark McGwire did a good job as hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2010. So did the Cardinals and they hired him back for another stint in 2011. You like this move.

The bigger question is… are you also on board with Mark’s favorite TV show of all time?


What ever happend to predictability?
The milk man, the paper boy, evening T.V.
You miss your old familar friends, but waiting just around the bend.

Everywhere you look (everywhere)
There’s a heart (there’s a heart)
A hand to hold on to.
Everywhere you look (everywhere)
There’s a face of somebody who needs you.

When you’re lost out there and your all alone
A light is waiting to carry you home
Everywhere you look.


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