No Sympathy For The Reds, Horrible Defense Edition

bruce2Before any weenie Reds fans jump into the comments section, let me say one thing – yes, I’m a bitter Cardinals fan. And yes, I’m bitter that the Cards aren’t in the playoffs right now. We all are; you don’t have to remind anyone around here.

But I sure enjoy the fact that I’m up late on a Friday night writing this, knowing that the Reds have one more game to go until their season is dunzo. I really had no intention of shit-talking on the Reds, until that whole Orlando Cabrera ordeal happened (is bitching and moaning the right phrase I’m looking for? No, the Reds don’t do that…).

And if being no-hit wasn’t a bad enough start to your playoffs, Jay Bruce – on the one year anniversary of Matt Holliday knocking that James Loney liner down with his groin – botched an equally simple liner off the bat of Jimmy Rollins in game two.


Simply stated Reds fans: we know how you feel. We know you’re sick to your stomach. And we’re glad your guys are the incompetent ones on national TV, not ours. I don’t keep up with the trends very often, but maybe “letting balls zoom right by you” is the new “taking it off the nuts,” I don’t know.



Don’t worry, this guy’ll throw out Werth…whoops!

And while we’re here, how ’bout a hand for Rick Ankiel and his game winning bomb into McCovey Cove? If anyone’s going to have too many chicks to bang in San Francisco, it’s Rick the Stick.