No Sympathy For The Reds, Sweep City Edition

Just as we planned, there only needed to be three “No Sympathy For The Reds” articles here at the CD. It was really hard to root for the Phillies, but any team that steamrolls the Redlegs in three straight gets a nod of appreciation from us. You know, I think I remember a three game set not too long ago where a team swept the Reds – they rose to the occasion, featured dominant pitching and had timely hitting. Nah, I’m probably just misremembering things again…

Man, who saw this Scott Rolen, 1 for 11 with 8 K’s performance coming? The Reds pitchers could have done that.

And as for Aroldis Chapman, he’s an incredible talent. But we’ve seen over the last couple weeks of the regular season and playoffs, he’s definitely human. For the Cardinals: let’s not act like you’re holding toothpicks in your hand next year when you face this guy. Start taking notes, you’ll be facing him for a long time.

Enough half-assed analysis, I know what you came for: DISTRAUGHT REDS FANS, YEAY!


Uh oh, some DoubleStuf Oreos were demolished at around 11pm last night.


Sorry Harry Potter, the magic is over. /rimshot


Of course, some assclown Phillies Sign Guy had to be there…


A priest, Von Hayes, and this guy walks into a bar…


Yes he’s wearing batting gloves and wristbands, why would you think otherwise?


See you next year Brandon. I’m sure you’ll be working on that NL Central Champion ring tomorrow morning.


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