On the Road With Tony LaRussa: Part Two

When we last left Tony (view Part 1 here), he was visiting the hard-nosed, run-the-town-the-way-it-was-meant-to-be-run residents of Miles City, Montana. Due to some questionable managerial decisions for the first time ever, Tony’s next stop is 1800 miles south to Flour Bluff, TX.

Now why the hell would Tony need to go there?

To take a tour of the Flowbee Factory, duh. I’m sure everyone knew that, so carry on.


Any road trip out west has to include Las Vegas. Unfortunately Tony wasn’t there to take in a Carrot Top show or hang backstage at the Wayne Newton concert. He was there for an epic boxing showdown with former friend Buzz Bissinger:

Is that Kevin Slaten and Dunc’ at ringside? And Dan Caesar as the referee? What a star-studded event – I bet Elayne Boosler is there somewhere too. Why didnt’ we go?

And finally, home. Instead of kissing his wife and lovely daughters, Tony races into his office, sits down for two hours and emerges with his lineup card for Dinner. It’s kind of odd that he’d go against conventional wisdom and swap the wine and dessert at the bottom of the lineup, but no one at the LaRussa household is going to question this: