Oswalt, Cubs Suck & The Friday Links

We’ve got a shit ton to get to today, so let’s burn right through it…

ROY OSWALT: Roy Oswalt? Yes please. I’ll have some of that. Starting two days ago, I was getting e-mails from all over the place wondering about the chances of this actually happening. I told pretty much everyone the same thing- it ain’t happening.

Now, 48 hours later, Jayson Stark is on ESPN telling us that Roy wants to come to the Cardinals, that he’s willing not to demand that the Cardinals guarantee his 2012 option and that this deal is heating up quickly.

Ho-ly shit.

Wainwright, Carpenter, Oswalt in a 5 game Divisional series? Jamie Garcia as a fourth option? 20 million dollars worth of starting arms being squeezed out of playoff action? I mean the Cardinals aren’t fucking around anymore. We’re the NEW YANKEE’S! DeWitt as the new Steinbrenner?

Read my open letter to John Mozeliak on InsideSTL.com LINK HERE

CUBS/SEAT GEEK: Now the Cardinals move to Chicago for a weekend series against the Cubs. You know that the Cubs still haven’t been to Busch Stadium and won’t be for another 3 weeks. I know we thought this was ridiculous when the schedule came out back this winter. But now you see how far mid-August actually is into a baseball season.

Hell- Sweet Lou has already retired!

Our friends over at Seat Geek have worked up some graphs on ticket prices on the secondary market for the Cubs and Cardinals and it’s worth the read. Do those guys a favor and read it … LINK HERE

SB NATION: SB Nation in St. Louis is growing. Yes, this is a shameless plug for the site. But the NFL season is coming sooner than you think and I need to get all of you conditioned to go over to that site and read about how horrendous the Rams are.

Read my SB Nation piece on the 6 horrible things that could happen to the Rams this season LINK HERE

VENUING: Got an interesting e-mail from an app developer that have created something called Venuing. What the hell is Venuing? Good question. I’ll let them tell you:

“It is designed to connect fans attending live events to one another through a chat feature that emanates over a series of 3D views and seating maps that recreate the physical atmosphere of the stadium. The guys over at i70baseball have come along and will help monitor games by administering the ticker that feeds information to those using the app and helps to facilitate the conversation going on throughout the stadium. In the future we will “geo-fence” Busch Stadium, meaning only those inside of it will be able to use it, but for now we are allowing all to “virtually attend” games and chat along.”

I CC’d the CD team on this one and the office consensus was that this was a pretty freaking ambitious application. If they can get people on board with it and make it simple enough for everyone to understand, then it might be a hit. If they don’t, it could be a spectacular flop.

But since we like guys and girls that flop the proverbial nutsack out, here’s some links to try the thing out. May be ideal to try during today’s afternoon game against the Cubs? LINK HERE

Now, The Friday Links…

  • Ever wonder how those voice over people live day to day? LINK HERE (HT: JRH)
  • Guy offended that ex-wife didn’t pay more to get him killed. LINK HERE (HT: JRH)
  • Cool fire animation. This must have taken forever. LINK HERE (HT: JRH)
  • Craigslist is a never ending source for crazy. I love it. LINK HERE
  • Best idea of the day? Best idea of the day. LINK HERE
  • So you think it’s a girl and then… it’s not. LINK HERE
  • I have no idea what the point of this mash-up is, but it’s awesome. LINK HERE (HT: JRH)

That’s it for this long-ass post. You’ve got tons to read and click on today, so don’t act like you’re too good to not investigate each one. Oh, and if the boys from Venuing want to explain further their app, do so in the comments.


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