STL Jersey Sales On The Rise

So the Rams, right?

I don’t know if Sam Bradford is the sole reason the Rams are 3-3, but he’s a big reason. I’ve gone from cautiously optimistic about this dude to full on man-crush in a matter of 6 weeks. This Rams offense isn’t much different from the Rams offense in 2008 or 2009. And in fact, you could make a strong case that the receivers are worse than those years.

But instead of languishing at 0-6 or 1-5, the Rams are 3-3 and probably should be 4-2 or even 5-1. Why?


That dude oozes winning.  Some guys have it, most guys don’t. And so the Rams are probably going to end up at 6-10 or maybe 7-9 at the end of the season. But that’s a whole shit ton more wins than we’ve seen around here for a long time. And regardless, 2011 is going to be something to look forward to in a real way.

Plus, you want to see why drafting a QB is good for the NFL in STL?


That’s why.

Also, I was going to do a whole bit about Pujols jerseys and Bradford jerseys and a little side by side comparison, but I couldn’t find any good pics of people all wearing #5.

But I did find this picture from Sports Illustrated where Stan Musial appears to be addressing the crowd at Sportsman Park. Cool…


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