The Cardinals End Of The Road & The Friday Links

Labor Day Weekend is supposed to be a time where we sit back, drink until our livers reject themselves and look forward to October baseball. bird

2 out of three isn’t all that bad, I suppose.


I guess the good news is that after the Cardinals finally put themselves out of misery by Monday, we can finally start to sort through just what the hell happened and how we can start getting ready for an actual serious run at the post-season again.

The graphics that show the Cardinals records in September the past 5 years are just insane. It’s been since 2004 since this organization was more than 4 games over .500 for the month. And really, if you can’t close, then that’s the fault of someone. Perhaps it’s LaRussa. I suppose it could be Johnny Mo. Blasphemy… Is it Pujols?


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As Jeff Passan of Yahoo! sports succulently put it this AM on The Morning After radio program- any team with Pujols, Holliday, Carpenter, Wainwright, Garcia and Rasums is going to be over .500, even if they try not to be. So let’s not jump headfirst into deep despair quite yet.

And despite the hyperbole and Cardinals bashing that this site routinely engages in… yes- the Cardinals 2010 is technically not done. I think the division will be wrapped by Monday, but the Wild Card race will at least be something to keep an eye on for the next 15 games or so. If the Cards can somehow pull a miracle out of their ass this month- great. I’m not expecting it. At all. But I guess it could happen.

We’ll see. And frankly, I think we’ll learn if all this character bashing served as some sort of motivation to the team, or if they really are spineless douches.

Now the return of The Friday Links


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Have a great Labor Day weekend friends! Enjoy the Cardinals finally sticking a fork in 2010, the Missouri/Illinois football game and/or any other activity you deem worthy of your participation. Let’s just make sure whatever you’re doing, it involves copious amounts of booze. You’re much more fun when you’re buzzed.

Happy Labor Day.


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