The Roy Halladay Beatdown Preview, For Realz This Time

halladay_and_lincecumRemember May? We were all cocky and confident that the Cardinals would cruise to the NL Central title, and the main concern was trying to build a team that could knock off the Phillies in the NLCS.

Man, they came so close…

Since that was a long time ago, let me refresh your memory. On May 6th, the Cardinals were 18-10 and the front office was counting down the days until they could hit the Print button on playoff tickets. It was the final game of a four-game series in Philly, and we had a huge pitching showdown between Roy Halladay and Kyle Lohse. Combine the two starters and you’ve got over $30 million dollars of 2010 salary, seven All Star games, and a Cy Young – plus you can add a perfect game and playoff no-hitter too. Holy shit, those two are amazing; what a match-up!!

But I, being the Cocky Bastard of the Year (nine years running), decided it would be smart to write this:

The Roy Halladay Beatdown Preview

Admittedly, I only wanted to post the picture of the chick wearing the Halladay shirt, and I didn’t really care what my typing fingers produced. But after a 7-2 Cardinal loss, I looked like an ass, for probably only the first or second time that day.

I’ve been waiting for my chance to get redemption, Halladay, and today is the day. Yes, I respect your greatness. Yes, I’d “off” some important people to have you pitch for the Cardinals in 2011. But no one…NO ONE makes me look bad in an article that 100% of our readership forgot about already.

So let me officially state that Tim Lincecum will give Roy Halladay a resounding defeat tonight, to send the Giants to the World Series. (This time without everyone being on steroids! Especially Marvin Benard.)

Note: I promise to not write a third article when the Phillies win 11-0 and end up going to the Series.

And because I know what is going through the minds of our lovely readers, here’s a pic of Roy’s other half for your enjoyment/ridicule: