The Roy Halladay Beatdown Preview

On Tuesday afternoon, I tweeted that “3 of 4 is happening.” I won’t be an ass and say that I didn’t specify whether the Cardinals or Phillies would be winning the three games, but after Monday’s performance by Jaime Garcia (I call him Silent J – you can too), I was pretty convinced the Cardinals would steamroll the Phillies this week. Despite their fans’ best efforts to fuck everything up, there’s not much more the Phils could have asked out of Hamels or Kendrick on Tuesday/Wednesday, and so it goes.

halladayEven worse, eleventeen time Cy Young winner Roy Halladay takes the mound this afternoon against Lohse, looking to bury the Cardinals chances of getting their 19th win of the season. It’s been three days stuck on 18? Fire. Sale!

I’ll say this up front – I acknowledge the fact that Halladay is one of, if not the best pitchers in baseball today.

But he’s getting blasted on today.

This isn’t a team that will go into long hitting slumps, and two games with one total run won’t happen too often this year. I also think today’s game means a lot to the 2010 Cardinals. They won’t say it in the media, but they’ll want this one badly today (I would think/hope that they’d want to win every game, but over six months, some games mean more to them. Like at work – some days you try harder, some days you mail it in. It’s human nature, even when you and your co-workers make $100 million).

So I’m saying the Cardinals put up a good six or seven runs today and leave Philly with two wins.

The one marginally bit of useful information I’ll give you is that the Cards have only faced Halladay once in his career, back in 2005 up in Rogers Centre. That was a 4-1 Blue Jay win, led by a complete game five-hitter by Roy. The lone bright spot was a solo bomb by none other than John “Yeah, I wear jorts and ’97 Oakley’s, Fuck You” Mabry. So this revenge is a long time coming, right? Hellz yeah it is.

Or I might just be tossing bold predictions out on the internet, assuming you’ll forget them by 5pm today.