The Sign Guy Hates Me!

From the flamethrowing files comes this newest little tete-a-tete involving yours truly.

Remember the Sign Guy?

His name is Marty and he’s been going to Cardinal games for years. He makes large signs that are punny and waves them during play and in between innings. Yeoman’s work.

A while back, needing a column for InsideSTL, I decided that the pending Thanksgiving holiday would be a good time to name the “Biggest Turkeys Involved w/ The Cardinals”. And the Sign Guy made the list.

In fact, all of the people on this list, with the exception of Larry Bigbe, have contacted me either via e-mail or in person about this particular piece. But The Sign Guy has now branched out to Twitter.


The best part? The Sign Guy has roughly 20 tweets total. So nearly 10% of his Tweet output is dedicated to ripping athooks.


Sometimes I have nightmares. And they all involve the internet going away. I love this thing.

Oh, and Marty? Like him or not- the Cardinals wouldn’t be the Cardinals without The Sign Guy.


The Sign Guy has caught wind of this post and is now going to make a sign for me?!



He’s still at it. Love it.



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