The Sign Guy Twitter Account Mystery

A while back Cards Diaspora brought you the saga of the Twitter scuffle between the STL Sign Guy and @athooks.

Weeks and Tweets later, the STL Sign Guy is still working me over pretty good via the social network. Grumblings have begun that this is not the real sign guy. That’s it’s the genius plan of some comedic mastermind. I’ve even been accused of authoring the Tweets myself under a fake account.

I can PROMISE it’s not me.

But let’s see if we can’t search some recent salvos for clues…


In this most recent post, the Sign Guy gets racy. With his Squeaky clean image, it’s a fair assessment that  either A) The Sign Guy is letting it all hang out on Twitter because he doesn’t fully understand it’s powerful reach or B) This is actually not the Sign Guy and by using a phrase like ‘nailing chicks’, it should be pretty obvious.

I can’t argue this. Seems like a vaild point.


Then again, we know the Sign Guy lives in rural MO. He’ seems like he’d like NASCAR. I’d have bet he liked NASCAR.

NASCAR and mustaches. It HAS to be The Sign Guy, no?


This Tweet was in reposnse to a lady on Twitter unfollowing me and making a big public spectacle about it becuase I’m sexist. And yes, this was the post where I introduced our new female writer to the website.

The Sign Guy seems to found my humiliation bemusing. I bet he also finds gender sensitivity courses bemusing as well.

Mustaches, NASCAR and sexism in rural MO… say it ain’t so!


Cheap shot. True, but still a cheap shot.

Doesn’t really present any evidence one way or  the other, I suppose. It just hurts.

If we had any doubts.

CASE CLOSED… It IS the Sign Guy. For SURE!


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