Those Shane Co. Ads at Busch Worked on Somebody

Back in January, Hooks posted some paparazzi pics of Brad Penny and his dancer girlfriend Karina Smirnoff on a beach (ha – Dancing With the Stars…you thought Penny was a total sleazeball, pulling a Kris Benson there for a second, didn’t you?).

It pretty much looked like a public opportunity to show off Karina’s hotness, which is fine by us. Even better, Penny looked like he could have been Big Country Bryant Reeves’ little brother. Although maybe the two lovebirds were on the show Blind Date, and Brad took her to the beach to play catch, knowing that she was going to wear a skimpy bikini – and have to constantly bend over to pick up the ball. Perverted Smart man, that Brad Penny is.

Fast forward to this past weekend, and the news breaks that Karina and Brad are engaged. She was at a big party in Las Vegas, showing off the ring. Thanks to OK! Magazine for providing a pic:


Yes ladies, there’s a ring there (or so I’ve been told).

So after getting paid $7.5 million from the Cardinals last year for basically doing a month and a half of work, I guess Penny had house money to play with. He’s a free agent now, and that reception isn’t gonna pay for itself, sooo….time to call Boras. Unless Kyle Lohse is invited, he’s got a lot of money to blow.

[As a bonus, I’ll pass along this article as well. And I just want to point out to People Magazine that I know what 6’4″, 230 looks like. Either he’s not actually 6’4″, or Brad Penny hasn’t been 230 in ten years. At least.]