UnShocking News: Jason LaRue Likes Shootin’ Guns

While we’re waiting on Sign Guy to launch more scuds towards Hooks, I’ve got some additional news from our Violence Department.

If you’re one of the other ten people who watch the “Cardinals Nation” show on channel 5, you/we need some help. As you all know, since the mass exodus of the actual talent in KSDK’s sports department a few years ago, their production value for anything sports-related has been shittastic. The good thing for us is that it’s very entertaining to watch. It’s barely a step above what a high school media class could produce, but not as good as Chalk Talk. You never saw any production fails or misspellings on Chalk Talk, especially after Tony Twist left the show (almost went with a really racist Malcolm Briggs joke, but I actually like him; free pass).

This Cardinals Nation show runs Sunday mornings, with a replay after the also ‘not as good as it used to be’ Sports Plus. So while watching Sunday Night, I saw a video of possibly the least surprising thing ever in the history of the Cardinal franchise – Jason LaRue shootin’ a rifle.

Even better – Jason LaRue shootin’ a rifle wearing a camouflage jersey-vest:


Interestingly enough, that’s the soft side of Jason LaRue. (And for some reason, they didn’t post the video of this on, or else I’d have better pics for you. Hmm.)

Basically the point of the story was that Mike Matheny took out a bunch of the players (JLR, Wainwright, Franklin, McClellan) to the shootin’ range for an organization called Coaches Time Out. I’m sure that’s a good cause, but I really didn’t pay attention to much else, I just sat back and enjoyed some Cardinal skeet-shooting action, while Wainwright bragged about how awesome he did. I’m actually treating LaRue a little unfairly, as a good chunk of the story was dedicated to Wainwright’s mad shooting skills. But he’s not the one with the mullet, so my stories skew towards the guys who do.

My man K-Mac joined the fray and said he did well too ( I can’t believe they still don’t have these on yet!):


Remember when ballplayers played golf during the day? Also, after seeing this, I know Russ Springer would pitch here for free, so I’m not sure what the hold-up is.