We Almost Forgot… The Cubs Suck!

It’s August 13 and as of this morning, the Cardinals still hadn’t played the Cubs at Busch Stadium in 2010. MLB predicted that the Cards and Cubs would be the two battling down the stretch for the NL Central crown, so it made sense to them in January to schedule lots of late season drama between the feuding rivals.

One problem with that line of thought, though… the Cubs SUCK.


The Small Bears forwent their traditional September collapse and upped the ante with the rare, but not the first May collapse, rendering this normally festive day nothing more than a speed bump on the way to a playoff spot. After the first inning, it’s going to be business as usual- Cardinals competing for the ultimate prize, the Cubs wondering who will be the next ‘savior’ to manage this team and leave years later in disgust.

Friend of The CD Will Leitch made an astute observation this week during the Reds series when he said that the Reds are starting to become what we’ve always wanted with the Cubs- a rivalry that not only had the hatred… but also meant something as well. I guess it’s bound to happen at some point, you know, the Cubs have had a couple decent seasons in the past decade- but this is far from the Yanks/Sox or Giants/Dodgers where both sides are laying it out for the greater goal.

Nonetheless, it’s still fun to rub misery in the faces of all the Chicago fans that are en route to St. Louis or the ones already here, living shamefully amongst us.

With that, a season series opens; for one side, a bit too late.

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Have a big weekend people. Go see the Cardinals. Go see the Rams. Go see the Peas. Just get out of the house- we’re starting to worry about you.


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