You Like Crushing Little Kids’ Souls, Right?

It was a nice hot Sunday afternoon at Busch. 43,000 came out to see Adam Wainwright mow down the Pirates. Dads throughout the stadium relished in the sweep by downing supreme nachos and getting shitfaced during an easy 9-1 victory. The only way to make the day complete? Race home and post their kids’ Ozzie Smith Build-a-Bear giveaway on eBay.

Wait, no – that can’t be right.






No, go ahead and laugh. You’re cold and heartless just like me.

I guess since only about 9 listings appear on eBay right now, out of maybe five to ten thousand (an exact number was not given on the Cardinals website), it’s not too big of a deal. But we like to point out the little things that make the “best fans” look like jerks, especially jerk parents.