2nd Annual Cards Diaspora Bracket BS Detector

You’ve been in that NCAA Tournament conversation. Some jerkoff telling you about how he totally had Murray State over Vandy or George Mason in his Final Four.


He didn’t make that pick. You know it, he knows it… but what are you going to do? You’re going to fill out a Cards Diaspora bracket and put up or shut up- that’s what you’re going to do.

Thanks to people that don’t wish to particularly pimp anything, but are friends of the site, we’ve got money to blow on some prizes. And you don’t got to spend a dime to enter….


For every person we have enter (up to 200) we’ll give the winner a dollar towards a gift certificate of their choice. So as soon as you sign up, make sure to pass this link along to get your friends to sign up too.

Because if you’re confident, you’ve got nothing to hide… right?

Good luck and get your picks in early. The NCAA Tournament expanded slightly and this year some real games that count in this will be played Tuesday.


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