Albert’s Song – A Year Later

albertweekNo, unfortunately we don’t have plans for Albert Week, Part II. A random rumor pops up every couple days, so I’ve got a feeling we’ll have enough to talk about for a while.

But today we want to take you back to that historic morning, one year ago, when Albert’s Song took low-level Cardinal blogs by storm.

To refresh your memory – a year ago we set aside a full week here at the CD in an attempt to raise awareness that #5 needed to re-sign with the Cardinals. We made a nifty little photoshop picture, we built houses in the Dominican, gave $1.2 million to charity and most importantly, put together this touching video tribute to Albert, sung by our very own athooks:

It still brings tears to my eyes, and I’m sure it did for the couple hundred readers we have. Wait, what’s that weird, large number under the video mean?

Holy shit – 12,500+ people have watched this? With 21 likes and 2 dislikes, that means an overwhelming majority of people weren’t pleased, but weren’t disappointed with giving us a minute of their time. And if Cards Diaspora ever had a motto, that might be it.

With a number like that, you can bet your sweet ass that Hooks will be singing again at some point down the road, whether the news on Albert is good or bad. We’re taking suggestions.