Berkman. Briefly. Then Some Music.

Just know I don’t know much. But I knew that Lance ‘Puma’ Berkman was a good gamble for a one off deal. He’s playing for one last payday, one last team to give him that 2yr 20+M deal that he can ride off into the sunset with and commence his coaching career at Rice. BermanFire

Dude absolutely smoked AZ pitching this series and pretty much equaled his 2010 output these past 3 days. Good on him, hope it keeps up. I happen to think he’s going to have a pretty solid statistical season.

In lieu of more re-hashing of what this offensive outburst 2 nights in a row means (hint: who the F knows at this point), let’s play new music Thursday —

Rock: Foo Fighters “Rope” — Dave Grohl, as weird as this sounds, is one of the few rock stars left that know how to make a song that rocks but also has a hook. Solid first single from FF’s forthcoming album. LINK HERE

House: Martin Solveig & Dragonette “Hello” — Now being used as music bed in a crap commercial, this song is gaining steam on the pop top 40. The video just hit, though and if you like tennis, some of the aerial work on this video is pretty sick. I don’t know why they couldn’t shoot more pre-game anything in this style. LINK HERE

Pop: Katy Perry f. Kanye West “E.T” — Anything. ANYTHING to get ‘Firework’ off the air. Doesn’t hurt this this is a pretty good pop song. LINK HERE

And after scouring several websites for new music that might be half-way good- I give up.

I give you… The Cleverly’s. LINK HERE


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