CD Crashes Bachelorette: Men Tell All

So Fresh WC and I went to the taping of Bachelorette: Men Tell All.

Last night, the program aired and… what do you know, they put 2 of the 4 guys in the audience on the air. As you can kind of tell from the screen caps below, Fresh WC was far less enthusiastic about being there than I. Click on the link above and I’m right at about the :30 mark in.

(I told him it would take a couple of hours. A couple turned into 8) Props to Big Nasty Hippy for the effort in getting these off the TV.


Looks like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it now guys? You know, if every woman there didn’t think I was gay.


This time I got some close up love from ABC. Still loving it.

Fresh WC. Not pissed about Bentley’s no-show. But pissed at me. He’s looking at me right then. Seriously.


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