CD Exclusive: Our Interview With Paul Lukas

SI_brock_coverIt doesn’t happen too often, but once in a while we get off our asses and put forth some real effort into something you guys actually want to read – or in today’s case – listen to.

Last Thursday I had the chance to interview Paul Lukas of UniWatchBlog.com and ESPN.com.  He was in town working on a project (more details in the audio below), and had an event for Uni Watch fans over at The Corner Bar in St. Charles.  I don’t see him do interviews too often, so I’m glad he took ten minutes of his time at the event and let me fire some Cardinal uniform-related questions at him.  It could have gone on for hours, as I really enjoy his columns and the subject matter.  Plus, he was incredibly insightful – check it out here:

Thanks to friend of the site Gareth for cleaning up the audio a bit. I probably should have played with the recorder on my phone in the seven months I’ve had it, but “professionalism” and “preparation” aren’t our strong suits. Also thanks to Tony for his assistance throughout the night. And obviously, thanks to Paul Lukas for the great interview.

While you’re listening, feel free to check out a few photos from The Corner Bar.  Having “a gathering of guys wearing jerseys (and stirrups!), along with an authoritative critic” (h/t to Sebek, as I can’t think of a better way to put it), was like a dream come true for yours truly.

And the guys who were the obvious winners of the evening (slow clap):