CD Painfully Interviewed For 45 Minutes

If you’re looking for heaping helpings of awful today, you’ve come to the right place.

Cards Diaspora was a guest on The “Mc” Effect podcast last night for around 50 minutes and I can’t imagine that Al Gore had this in mind when he invented the internet.

The “Mc” Effect is a Pittsburgh Pirates website and they’re interviewing people from all over the division. Check out the site if you get a minute today:


Lowlights include:

  • Being asked to name as many Pirates as I could in 1 minute and coming up with exactly 0.
  • Pulling a Bobby Knight and getting my wrist slapped for using the word ‘shit’ on air.
  • Misquoting Colby Rasmus’ age by about 3 years.
  • Throwing Pujols under the bus for everything that goes wrong in 2011.
  • General slurring of speech and a nasal-y approach to diction.

Listen for yourself online HERE or via iTunes by searching Mc Effect.


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