EXCLUSIVE: Rasmus Girl Speaks Out On Rasmus Trade

It was the summer of 2009.

A 22 year-old prospect named Colby Ramsus was finally premiering for the St. Louis Cardinals and whipping fans into a hyperbole fit. Was this Jim Edmonds with more speed? Could he be better than Willie? Will anyone be able to stop Rasmus AND Pujols in the same line-up?

People were excited about the Rasmus Era. One person decided to make video tribute.


When news broke last week that Rasmus had been traded for a utility man, two relivers and a free agent to be starter, many around MLB were scratching their heads over the move. But loyal fans of Cards Diaspora knew that only one voice mattered when it came to Colby Rasmus… ‘Rasmus Girl’.

She was kind enough to talk to our site again. Everything that follows is [Sic'd].

Cards Diaspora: What were you doing when you heard the news that Colby Rasmus had been traded?

Rasmus Girl: When I heard that he had been traded, I was at a banquet for a Military Engineers Scholarship I had won, and I found out via twitter from everyone tweeting at me about it making sure I was okay, which I am okay and I thank everyone for the concerns.  I think a trade was inevitable, and in the long run a lot better for Colby’s major league career.

CD: Do you think the Cardinals made a good deal for Colby?

RG: Although a trade was inevitable, the trade that the Cardinals made was a not a good deal.  The Cardinals are putting winning right now ahead of winning in the future.  Yeah we may have a run at the series this year, but with the huge battle for the top spot in the NL Central we can’t be sure of that.

CD: If the Cardinals win the World Series this year, will the trade be worth it?

RG: Winning the World Series is what every team strives for each season, but I don’t know if risking the future of the club is worth one shot at winning the Series.  I’d rather have a team full of potential to win it every year than throw it all away for one season.

CD: Are you still as big a Colby Rasmus fan as you were 2 years ago when you made your video?

RG: Of course I am!  I was even thinking about possibly doing another video about him in Toronto, but since I’m leaving for college in two weeks, I didn’t really want any distractions from my school work.

CD: Do you ever get recognized for the video in public?

RG: Yes quite a few times mostly at games and on the metrolink.  It’s really nice to hear from fans of Colby Rasmus and how much they enjoyed the video

CD: Will you still be a Colby Rasmus fan now that he’s in Toronto?

RG: I will always be a Colby Rasmus fan, and I think a new club is just what he needed to reach his full potential even though I really didn’t want him to leave.

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