FashionStuff: Stars and Stripes Hat Edition

It’s been proven over the years that we (more specifically: “I”) have an affinity for I don’t think I’ve ever purchased from them, but I do enjoy pointing out the crappy products they have for sale.

So today we’ve got the new Stars and Stripes hat the Cardinals will be wearing on Memorial Day, 4th of July and September 11th of this year. Take a look:

The listed price is $36.99, but obviously a good portion of that will go to charity, or a fund of some kind. It’s a really thoughtful idea on the part of MLB. They do so many good things for the communi… what, you want me to read the fine print?  Okay, but it’ll just be a waste of our time…

  • Special-edition cap to be worn by players for games played on Memorial Day, July 4th and September 11, 2011, to raise awareness for the Welcome Back Veterans Fund.
  • will donate $1 to the WBV Fund for each cap sold.

A DOLLAR?? Out of 37?? The WBV Fund could raise more money holding a cheerleader car wash than what they make off MLB for this. Besides, last year’s version was way better with none of that split-color bro-hat crap.

I hope the WBV receives the $400 check MLB writes to them, takes it to Vegas and bets it all on the Pirates for that night. Awful.

One other note: while we’re talking about fashion, we’ve got an audio interview with Paul Lukas of Uniwatch that is complete and will be posted to the CD very soon. It’s really good, with lots of insight. Be on the lookout over the next couple days. ~HMW