I Honestly believe Pujols Is Ruining The Cubs


Looks like your old pal athooks had to eat him a little crow this weekend. Go on radio and bash Pujols plus writing a flamethrowing critique of said Pujols’ fearsomeness and now all of a sudden, he’s the monster that we knew was in that #5 jersey somewhere.

Sometime we label such and such a ‘so and so killer’. Like Carlos Betran was a ‘Cardinal Killer’. And it’s kind of fun because that guy is really good against a certain time for a certain time. And then he kind of goes away.

But Pujols literally is killing the Cubs. He’s been so devastating for so long that the Cubs went from a perennial playoff contender at the beginning of the decade to, really, a horrible, horrible team. Hell, he’s got Big Z calling out his teammates as stupid. He’s got Wrigley Field attendance dipping to lows not seen in years. He’s sucked the very life out of this rivalry and made us feel kind of embarrassed that the Cubs are even in Major League Baseball.

If they don’t sign him and he comes back to the Cardinals- the Cubs might just fold. And even though that probably wouldn’t happen, I can’t 100% rule it out either. The dude absolutely bends the small bears over and goes to WORK.

So a big mea culpa to El Hombre.

That piece was really just an overreaction. I didn’t mean it. And if it pissed you off, then I’m sorry.  If it motivated you, then let me know and I’ll continue to publically look like an idiot in exchange for multiple walk-off home runs in a series. And if you never read it in the first place… well, you are just like everyone else!


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