Joe Buck: Only Liked in St. Louis, Still

A week or so ago, I saw a link, titled something to the effect of “Hot Maxim pics of Olivia Munn!” As an esteemed representative of the male community, I felt it was my duty to inspect the photos to A) make sure the person who posted that link was telling the truth and B) …gawk at Olivia Munn.

I pride myself on being pretty observant, even in the perv-iest of situations, so when I saw the cover photo I quickly noticed a little blurb about our own Joe Buck on the right side:

Now I’m not going to pretend that Joe Buck getting ripped nationally is a new thing. It’s been going on since the day we all figured out that we could hide behind a computer screen and say whatever the hell we wanted, without a whole busload of Bucks coming to my mom’s basement, knocking me out with a shovel and carving “That’s a Loser” on my face.

I’ll always feel that Joe will never be as good as he was when he was doing play-by-play for the Cardinals back in the 90’s. He was quirky, he’d get excited, and he was raw, but pretty damn good at calling a ballgame. And even taking Gus Johnson and Mike Emrick out of the equation, Joe’s not the most exciting guy around these days, but he’s probably mocked a little too much by the media critics for being robotic. You still see the charismatic, fun-loving Joe every once in a while – unfortunately he works with Tim McCarver and Troy Aikman every week. Bleh. I don’t blame him for having off days. If he had a partner that wasn’t like your drunk, creepy uncle or put back together with masking tape after his 18 concussions, I don’t think anyone would have a problem. We could all focus on ending Jim Nantz’s CBS career for good.

So what does Maxim say on the inside?

Because of such a dumb idea, Maxim’s lawyers have already been contacted – and murdered – by Dan Caesar.