Opening Day Recap 2011: OOF!

And so another season begins.

By the looks of the complete shit show the Cardinals treated ‘The Nation’ to on Thursday, it looks like we’re all in for a real treat. And by treat, I mean a swift kick in the balls around every bend.

Blown save? Check. Gigantic lapses of infield defense? DOUBLE check. Franchise player grounding into double plays to kill rallies? TRIPLE CHECK! It was like the holy grail of how you don’t want to start the season AND piss off the fan base at the same time.

Deep. Breath.

It’s one game, buddy. It’s not the end of the line.

++++ The full diatribe on the game can be found on (LINK HERE)

Let’s move on to other trivial stuff that may not be of interest to many, but to me it’s the really important.

Cardinals have a new organist. Dwayne Hilton (presumably not of THE Hilton’s) had a rough day at the office when he screwed up ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’. In fact, I was perfectly sober and (as the dork I am) belting out the ‘Root, root, root for the CARDINALS’ line when his (seemingly eternal) pause threw me off.

Somewhere Ernie Hayes was snickering.

Also, this bad boy was up for about 0.0 innings before batters started complaining and it was covered with a giant vinyl drop.

My roommate drove Ozzie Smith on to the field.

No really, he did. And he almost hit Pujols getting on to his truck. I debated with him at the game if this was to have happened if I’d have to literally move out of my house. I think I would have. Even if he was just on the 15 day DL or something.

This guy wins the day for re-inventing his Lil Lil Eckstein jersey into a new personalized piece of paraphernalia.


Lastly… and I really mean this. I think the Cards fans are really under applauding Stan Musial. He doesn’t have many more of these appearances left and while he got the biggest ovation, we could have done better. Me included.

Now, the Friday Links…

That’s all we got for this week. The baeball season is upon us. So we’ll be posting more crap more often. Be sure and tell your misters and mistresses.


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