PLEASE – STOP IT! (And The Friday Links)

You’re not a dumbass. In fact, I think you’re pretty smart. Even brilliant in spurts. So why in the name of fuck are you getting sucked back into this?

We’ve established that this Cardinals team is no good for you, your health, your family or your life in general. You weened yourself from the teat of baseball and even got excited for football again (The Rams are 4-0 if you haven’t heard). And while a fan “never gives up” or “never says die”, it’s still, even after a 3 game sweep, going to take a HISTORIC collapse for the Brewers to not win the NL Central this season.

Key word? Historic.

You know how many teams have lost a division after leading by over 10 games with less than 30 remaining? I can’t verify this, but my guess is NONE. ZERO. NADA.

Even if the DeadBirds sweep the next 3 against the Brewers, they’d still have to gain a game a week to get to even.

In other words – please, PLEASE don’t think that you’re seeing some sort of miracle. You’re not. We promise.

Now, the Friday Links…

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  • Things Apple is worth more. The website. LINK HERE
  • Read any book, ever in less than 1 minute. LINK HERE
  • Do you know how other parts of the world eat? LINK HERE

A special shout out to everyone that labors, on Labor Day Weekend. And I don’t mean twits like you and me that sit in a cube farm all week and punch numbers into Excel documents or make up buzzwords like ‘creating synergy’.

No, let’s thank the dudes that wake up every morning and do some of the work that makes our country run, but we wouldn’t do in a million years. The garbage men. The waitresses. The builders. These men and women get after it and come home after a hard day and don’t have the luxury of dicking around with a computer for 8 hours a day. So for you guys, who take the time to make The CD one of few you use your free time to play with… THANK YOU!

Lastly, the shirt that Fresh WC is sporting in San Diego all weekend. Damn straight.

That’s it. That’s the week. Have a big 3-day weekend and come see us next week. We’re sure the Cardinals will be in worse shape then they are now.


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