Pujols Story Looms Over Everything

It’s the February 11, people.

Albert Pujols and the Cardinals are taking this sucker down to the wire. And if they don’t think that his pending free-agency won’t overshadow every single thing the Cardinals do in 2011, then nativity it the word of the week.

It will be mentioned in every Pujols highlight. It will be mentioned in every Pujols article. Things will be prefaced with pending free-agent blah, blah Pujols in casual conversation. It’s going to be a trucking circus for the Cardinals in 2011.

I’m not complaining. Its endless amounts of scrutiny on every comment he makes. Its post on top of post that will exploit this drama for every ounce of juice it’s got.  It’s a boondoggle and a half for everyone involved. And it just so happens that this will probably end up being the biggest story of the year, if not the decade when it’s all said and done.

And you wonder why that Cardinals crap is still on the masthead. Silly noob.

Maybe this sucker gets inked this upcoming week. My feeling has maintained steadfast that Pujols is going to go to free-agency and the Cardinals are going to leak their best offer before he can talk to other teams. At that point, they will position this as – hey we offered him 7 for 210 and he said no. If he needs more money than that, then he need to go elsewhere and he doesn’t care about STL.

That’ll probably work too. Cardinals fans will get their feelings hurt. Turn on him. Push him to the Angels or – GULP- the Cubs. And then we have our biggest story for 2012.

Actually. I’m shutting up now. I think we just might crack 20 bucks we make on this site this year.

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One last thing..

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