Questions About The Pujols Drama

This. Is. Exhausting.

I love Twitter. I think that most of the people that visit this site know this. But the past few days have been downright unbearable if you’re a Cardinals fan. Pujols is LEAVING. Pujols is STAYING. Pujols is ABOUT TO STAY OR LEAVE. Every other Tweet or Facebook post is about Albert Pujols. It’s draining.

Here’s what we know:

+ When you get every single baseball executive and every single prominent baseball reporter in the same hotel for a week and every single baseball executive and every single prominent baseball reporter is trying to prove their worth… you get an inordinate amount of shit information.

+ Albert Pujols is going to get north of 200M wherever he decides to play.

And other than that, I don’t know if we can really be sure of anything. I mean, besides the fact that Pujols is keeping an eye on every female that comes in and out of Dan Lozano’s suite. It’s unreal the amount of information that’s going around and I can’t be sure of any of it.

Here’s things I’m wondering:

1. Where did all these Cardinal fans come from that are so quick to write off the Pujols era and kiss him goodbye? Because he’ll be overpaid in 2019 or 2020? Quick question, are you going to be alive in 2020? I certainly hope you are, but you very well could not. So concerning yourself with the payroll of a team 8 years from now seems not only curious, but stupid.

2. Why are fans of pro sports teams obsessed with payroll? You know that beer is going to be a quarter more per cup in 2012 regardless of Pujols playing first or not. You know that ticket prices are going up in 2012 regardless of Pujols playing first or not. So if we’re going to be paying more for the Cardinals in 2012, shouldn’t we want to see Pujols? You don’t get anything back if the Cardinals make more profit than they were supposed to. So why the hell do you care about the teams budget? They can break even for all I care… I just want to see baseball.

3. How we got so fucking spoiled. Dude goes .299 with 99 RBI’s after 2 weeks on the DL and we’re ready to kick his ass to the curb? The Cardinals will NOT be better without Pujols in the next 3 years, under any circumstances. You want him gone? Ok. But don’t expect a better team. These jacklegs that are so dismissive of losing THE BEST PLAYER OF THE DECADE are a little short sighted, no?

4. Sorry. Can’t help it… IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY> Why do you care what he makes?

We’ll have plenty of reaction when this deal is finally done.  Until then, check out the post below for some feeds you need to follow for up to date… well, crap.


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