Reaction: NLCS Game 2

Ok, I’ll admit it. NLCSGame2

Cards Diaspora isn’t a necessarily positive place. There isn’t some pie in the sky writer on here that’s going to feed you the company line and praise millionaires for ‘good hustle’ or solid effort. None of us became Cardinals fans because we enjoyed losing.

That being said, we probably owe this particular team an apology. We called them spineless, gutless, heartless, sackless and every other –less adjective we could invent to highlight just how inept they appeared at times. But as they take another #HappyFlight back to St. Louis with the NLCS tied 1-1, people have noticed:

Now that the Cardinals are winning again, you guys are right there cheering. But when they were losing, you had an ugly critical attitude- questioning their character and motivation. You can’t be a true fan only when times are good. I am deleting your app from my iPhone and will go to other sources for my news.

Steve Hart
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Probably deserved, Steve. Probably deserved. (Although, if the CD app really was the place you were getting all your news from, God help you. Unless you mean Bachlorette news. Then you were probably over-informed…)

But a look at my cell phone, didn’t produce much optimism, either:

That’s just one of several texts and e-mails I’ve received prior to last night on Albert Pujols. And while we’ve been quick to bash pretty much anyone and everyone on this Cardinals team over the course of the year, Albert has been given a pass.

I’ve watched Albert for 10+ seasons now and if there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s that he’s produced more when it mattered than any other player I’ve watched. Including Jeter or Big Papi or any other MLB player. It’s always surprising to see him fail, because he fails so little.

So as I’m phumphering around at the bar and through my texts, trying to express what boobs I’ve decided to associate with, Albert decided to just shut everyone up for me.

5RBIs. 10 total bases. 4EBH. 1HR. A Bronx cheer from the 75% empty Miller Field when he finally was retired in the eighth inning. Evening a series on the road; by road we mean one of the most historically dominant home fields in the modern era.

So Pujols haters- shut up.

Or don’t. Because the minute people start piling on #5, it seems to be the minute that he responds in a way that no other player can. And if it means more 12-3 wins this post-season, then say what you will. Just know that you’re wrong.

STUD: Albert Pujols. See above.

DUD: Rafael Furcal. 0-5 from the leadoff spot? Not good. Got to give the middle of the order some RBI chances by getting on base this series. Jon Jay’s stellar night masked a poor one by Furcal.

BOTTOM LINE: Pretty emphatic win by the Cardinals, no? With Carp lined up to start Game 3 and then a Game 7 if necessary, both on full rest, the pitching match-ups from here on out tend to favor the Cardinals. That probably means nothing, but who the hell knows at this point.

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