Reaction: NLDS Game 4

Squirrels?  Tortoises?  Game 5’s? 

Vince Lombardi might of said it best: “What the hell’s going on out here?”

It’s a constant  tightrope with the 2011 Cardinals and while they’ve teetered on the edge of falling off, miraculously, they’ve been able to stay upright and fight on for one more next possibly last game.

Facing elimination Wednesday afternoon, the Cardinals took the field and 10 minutes later found themselves in a 2-0 hole. And while the Chicken Little in all of us was begging to be let out, you probably were starting to think the same thing we were thinking – hey, don’t panic… they got this.

And about the time that David Freese was poking a 2-run home run deep over the centerfield fence to stake the Cards a 3 run lead, you were validated.

In the age of instant reaction and instant-er gratification, baseball takes its lumps. Too slow. Not enough action. Season’s too long. Etc al.

But the reason we wait 5 years between post-season wins is games like yesterday. Busch Stadium packed. Each pitch building to a crescendo. Jason Motte working the ninth inning so close to that magic moment of release that only baseball fans can really appreciate- The ‘Oh Shit’ we just won this thing feeling.

That feeling comes in big, monumental doses, like a pennant or World Series. Or in tiny doses, like a comeback win in late against the Astros.  Regardless, it never, ever gets old. Especially in October.

Happy Flight, indeed.

STUD: David Freese. The Cardinals climbed on the local boys back and rode him to a game 5 in Philly Friday night.

DUD: Albert Pujols. 0-4 in what could be his last game as a Cardinal at Busch Stadium. Game 5 should be his moment. Will he cash in?

BOTTOM LINE:  One game. Winner take all. Carp v Halladay. In October. LaRussa, I think we all can agree, is right about this – It doesn’t get any better.

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